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CD Release Show Announced

With the release of Revelries just around the corner (March 24th, if you missed the giant banner above...) we're ready to announce or CD release party. And -- coming from the band whose previous release was entitled "Party!" -- you know we're going to throw down.

The event will take place in Nashville, TN at 3rd & Lindsley on April 3rd. Even though that's still a couple of months away, we've already sold quite a few tickets since opening sales this week -- so purchase early, and don't say we didn't warn you!

The release party will also feature our friends River Whyless and Cereus Bright. Good people, great music.

Tickets can be purchased online, right now (DO IT NOW) at TicketWeb.

Josh + HH


New Year, New Website, New Album

Happy 2015 to all our Humming House friends and family! Our first resolution for the new year was to create a new website, which Otterball was kind enough to help us put in place. We hope you like it.

As you've probably already noticed -- courtesy of our new web banner -- we'll be releasing our brand new studio album "Revelries" on March 24th! This album contains three brand new singles, "The Great Divide" and "Run with Me", "Nuts, Bolts, and Screws" as well as the previously released single "Fly On."

The album art, designed by our friend Casey Pierce, inspired the look and layout of this website. We'll be releasing more album art teasers -- and photos from our brand new shoot with Melissa Madison Fuller -- periodically as we gear up for the March release.

Until then, catch us on tour this year with St. Paul and the Broken Bones, or Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors! We'll, of course, be playing songs from the new album... so come see us, to hear them before anyone else!


Josh and HH


Humming House in Huffington Post

Huge thanks to Michael Bialas and Huffington Post for featuring us in an article about the best up-and-coming acts of 2015.

Check out the article here, and usher in the new year with fourteen fabulous bands!


HH Signs with RR!

Though it's been in the works for a few months now, we're are officially ready (and thrilled) to announce our new partnership with Rock Ridge Music!

Rock Ridge will be helping us release and distribute a new album in early 2015, which will help our music reach the ears of more fans than every before. Of course, it's our existing fans that have made this fabulous feat possible... so THANK YOU as always for your support. And get ready to tell all of your friends that you knew about HH waaaay before it was cool ;)

New album details will be released early next year. For now, enjoy the holidays with your friends and family and -- if you're free -- celebrate New Year's Eve with us and The Black Lillies at the historic Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville.

Happy Holidays from Humming House!

Josh / HH


Time to "Party!" with our new LIVE album!

Revel in the raucous energy of a live Humming House show, from the comforts of your own home!

Inspired by the classic "Beach Boys' Party!" album, we hosted an intimate house concert with our closest fans and friends and recorded it all for your listening pleasure. The performance includes previously unreleased original material, as well as covers -- and, of course, classics from our first release.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes today and gain immediate access to two select tracks. The full release will be August 26th, available through digital retailers as well as our website.

We hope this release will help appetize our fans, as we anticipate an early 2015 release for our Sophomore studio record, "Revelries".

Click here to pre-order!


Not certain what's going on here, but we are certain that one week from today we are playing at Auburn University! We are also certain that it's FREE for all students with a student ID - see you at the Red Barn (ALFA Pavilion)!
02.24.15 9:49am
Good hangs today with East of 8th!
02.23.15 9:09pm
New parlor, new live video ๐ŸŽฅ
02.22.15 4:01pm
@l_slierodriguez ' street is still a sheet of ice and poor Gina just couldn't take it. Thank you friendly neighbor for the tow!
02.20.15 4:28pm
We're excited to announce @natalieroyal is now joining us along with @cereusbright for our album release party at @3rdandlindsley on April 3! Tickets ($10) available now - clickable link in our profile.
02.20.15 10:52am
Snowed in and up to our eyeballs in kickstarter fulfillment. We are so excited to send these out!
02.18.15 7:43pm
Only 5 weeks til "Revelries" releases! If you're into free swag and/or tickets to our shows plus the early scoop on HH news, join our street team and help us make this release a success! Shoot an email to streetteam@humminghouse .com for info.
02.17.15 7:01pm
Damn it's cold. The roads are insane - be careful out there Nashville, and bring your doggos inside (or make sure they have a warm spot with fresh water). #humminghounds KICKSTARTER SUPPORTERS: check your messages - your rewards are coming!
02.16.15 6:58pm
Our spring tour kicks off soon - check out where we are heading in March! 3.3 Auburn University 3.4 Mobile AL 3.19 Austin TX SXSW 3.20 Austin TX SXSW 3.21 Houston TX 3.25 Roanoke VA* 3.26 Washington DC 3.27 Philadelphia PA* 3.28 Pittsburgh PA* 3.29 NYC 3.30 Fairfield CT* *w/ @drewholcombmusic
02.16.15 11:14am
We wish you a merry VDay We wish you a merry VDay We wish you a merry VDay Now go get you some. (this was supposed to post yesterday but @l_slierodriguez ' internet didn't cooperate.)
02.15.15 1:31pm
Happy EP release week to Josh & Leslie's side project @hickoryslims !! Go give them a follow and check out the music - now on iTunes & Spotify!
02.13.15 10:15am
#tbt to warmer days. Hey ALABAMA! We are playing Auburn University 3/3 and @callaghans_irish_social_club on 3/4 in Mobile - see you there!
02.12.15 11:09am
Morning hangs with @rockridgemusic
02.11.15 1:11pm
Kickstarter inventory. Your rewards are imminent. ๐Ÿ“ซ๐Ÿ“ฆ
02.10.15 5:22pm
LEXINGTON KY! We are playing @woodsongs_lex tonight at the Lyric Theatre. It's student night, so if you have your student ID it's free! Show starts at 6:45 (📷©: @gtdmouse )
02.09.15 4:19pm
REPOST AND TAG #humminghouse TO WIN THAT FIRST HH VINYL! Get multiple entries by sharing our fb post and posting on Twitter. Winner picked 3/17🍀 so you'll get that vinyl before release day!
02.09.15 10:54am
TOMORROW. Find out how to win the first out-of-the-box signed vinyl. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
02.08.15 12:23pm
Chori is patiently waiting to hear how to win that first signed vinyl. Details on that comin next week! We also have more tour dates to announce soon...any guesses where we're heading? #humminghounds
02.07.15 3:54pm
TGIF. (๐Ÿ“ทยฉ: @willbyington ) #sxmliveloud
02.06.15 6:56pm
Throwback to around this time last year - our last day in the studio. It's going to feel so good to finally get "Revelries" out - 3/24!
02.05.15 10:37am
@scottmervis_pg We're just glad we got mentioned. Press is press, right? ๐Ÿ˜„
53 minutes ago
@iloveshelmusic ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’จ
2 hours ago
@iloveshelmusic bullseye ;)
2 hours ago
Followed our arrow all the way to a tour with @KaceyMusgraves ! Hope to see you out west!
2 hours ago